Due to the pandemic, UIDN has suspended its open food pantry and share days in favor of a shop and deliver program. Read more and find out how to help.

There are many other ways to support the goals of the Ulster Immigrant Defense Network. Choose one – or more – that will work for you.

Donate. Use the button at right or send a check payable to Holy Cross/Santa Cruz Episcopal Church. Please write “UIDN” on the memo line and mail to the church, 30 Pine Grove Ave., Kingston, NY 12401.

Stay current on immigration issues and support activities, such as campaigns, events, and rallies. Follow UIDN on Twitter and Facebook, and  join our email list.

Become a UIDN affiliate or business sponsor. Community groups and religious congregations, please email Father Frank Alagna, fjalagna@gmail.com.  If you are interested in a business sponsorship, please see our guidelines or contact Stephanie Kristal, skristal55@gmail.com.

Many Hands Held Together, WonderWoman0731, License: CreativeCommons BY 2.0

Host a speaker. UIDN and our allies can identify a speaker to provide a general overview of the national and/or local situation for undocumented immigrants, Dreamers, and refugees. Invite us to your organization or faith community. Gather friends and neighbors for a house meeting. Or, if you work with newcomers, as teachers or social workers, for instance, we’ll aim to address your particular needs. Email MichelsonElana@gmail.com.

See the What We Do section for more ways to help. If you are ready to volunteer, please complete and submit this form; we will contact you about any orientation or training that may be needed. If you’d like more information first, email HelaineMeisler@yahoo.com.