There are many ways to support the goals of the Ulster Immigrant Defense Network. Choose one – or more – that will work for you.


Ulster Immigrant Defense Network is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit. All donations are tax deductible. Use the button below. Checks payable to UIDN may be mailed to UIDN, c/o Holy Cross/Santa Cruz Episcopal Church, 30 Pine Grove Ave., Kingston, NY 12401.

Stay current on issues and support activities.

Watch for campaigns, events, rallies, and more. Follow UIDN on Twitter and Facebook, and  join our email list.

Many Hands Held Together, WonderWoman0731, License: CreativeCommons BY 2.0

Become a UIDN affiliate.

Community groups and religious congregations, email Father Frank Alagna,


Urgently needed as of September 10, 2020: helpline and financial coordinators. Learn more. On going opportunities include:

Household Support:  donate needed supplies or volunteer to help package and distribute food and other items. Get details here.

Writers Group: help tell UIDN’s story and the stories of local immigrants by writing for our newsletter or website. Bob Gelbach,, 203-376-8205.

Volunteer Recruitment: call prospective volunteers and help them select opportunities that match their skills, interests, and availability. Helaine Meisler,, 914-466-0100.

Fundraising: the team could use one or two additional members. Volunteers also are needed to write thank you notes or design flyers, digital media, and other materials to promote events and programs. Consider becoming a UIDN business sponsor; please see our guidelines here. Stephanie Kristal,, 845-750-4438.

Information Management

  • Track questions about available resources and services. Nic Abramson, 845-706-5500,
  • Record basic information about a household’s need for help with rent and utilities and determine how best to help. Patience with details and approximately one free hour are needed. Case management skills hugely welcome. Training provided. Elana Michelson, 845-658-9838,
  • Assist with our volunteer/donor management program, EveryAction. We need tech-savvy volunteers who know the program or are interested in learning its ins-and-outs. Bob Gelbach, 203-376-8205,

Volunteers who are fluent in both Spanish and English are needed. 

  • Assist families in filling out applications for local resources. Helaine Meisler, 914-466-0100 or
  • Join our helpline. Nic Abramson, 845-706-5500,
  • Translate materials (English ↔ Spanish) so we can share resources and essential information, about education, health, legal rights, politics, and the like. Helaine Meisler, 914-466-0100 or

See the What We Do section for more ways to help. If you are ready to volunteer, please complete and submit this form; we will contact you about any orientation or training that may be needed.