The latest — January 2022

Eviction moratorium ends January 15. Know your rights.

New year’s thanks and greetings from UIDN’s president, Father Frank Alagna

Meet Daniel Woodham, UIDN’s first staff member

Get help studying for a driver’s license, Spanish, English

The latest on Covid

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Blog posts & other news

Nicaraguan asylum seekers find home in Kingston, December 2021

Thanks for making UIDN’s participation in Giving Tuesday a success, November 2021

Excluded Workers Fund update, October 2021

DACA update following July court decision, July 2021

The first $5,000 in Giving Tuesday gifts to UIDN will be matched by Ruth Hirsch and Steve Samuels. Every $1 you give will be worth $2; every $10, $20; every $100, $200; and so on. (November 2021)

Ulster Eviction Update: Father Frank Alagna spoke with Ulster County Sheriff Juan Figueroa. He reports that the sheriff will not support eviction or the threat of eviction. (Updated June 2021)

Excluded Workers Fund, Frequently Asked Questions, June 2021

An intern announces the UIDN TakeOut Project, April 2021

Discussion: Housing Crisis in Ulster County recaps a March 19 Zoom discussion featuring local organizers, service providers, and representatives of Ulster County government. (March 2021)

DACA’s Back despite attempts to destroy it. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services are once again accepting applications. Post includes eligibility criteria and resources. (December 2020)