There are many ways to help UIDN

  1. Volunteer by completing this form. We especially need:
    • Fluent Spanish speakers for UIDN’s Helpline and Office;
    • 3rd Thursday Give-Away workers;
    • Drivers and accompaniers local (including Kingston’s DMV) and NYC;
    • People with IT skills to help us build our data management system; and
    • Folks to join the after-school team, working with kids in Kingston or interested in starting an after-school program in another town.

Dave Loewenstein, JustSeeds

  1. Donate.
    • You can give by credit card online or by check to Holy Cross/Santa Cruz Episcopal Church, 30 Pine Grove Avenue,  Kingston, NY 12401.  Write “UIDN” on the comment line. Donations are tax deductible.*
    • You can donate goods for free distribution: Call Leslie Gallagher, 845-901-0215.
  1. Spread the Word. Help us tell the story and build support for today’s immigrants.
    • Distribute this UIDN Update newsletter to others.
    • Invite your organization to become an affiliate of UIDN, like over a dozen religious congregations and civic associations: Contact Elana Michelson, 845-658-9838.
    • Become a business sponsor. Please see our guidelines or contact Stephanie Kristal,

*  In late 2020, UIDN received it’s own not-for-profit status, 501(c)(3) and no longer uses the church as it’s fiscal sponsor. Checks may be made to UIDN and contributions are tax deductible.