We plan to bring you this UIDN UPDATE bi-monthly – a quick review of past efforts, current challenges, and some spotlights on our work. 


Since January 2019, UIDN has received nearly 400 requests for assistance, ranging from: transportation and accompaniment to mandated ICE appointments and court dates; financial assistance toward the payment of bonds for release from detention; referrals for legal assistance and financial support for the same; and assistance with rent.  In addition, we hold a monthly food and clothing giveaway, and whenever our friends come to the UIDN office in need of food, the office staff provides it to them.  UIDN has also been actively engaged in designing and staffing a K-4 after school program, now serving 27 children, at Kingston’s Chambers Elementary School.  Furthermore, we host educational events, panels, and Know Your Rights trainings, and we maintain a Rapid Response Team to document ICE activity in our communities.

While UIDN is the only totally volunteer provider of services to members of the immigrant community, it also works in partnership with several community organizations, both faith- and non-faith based, whose primary focus is to effect policy changes (e.g., Municipal IDs and NY’s Green Light Campaign) so the system will be more user friendly for our immigrant neighbors.  As of December 16, persons without documents are now be able to apply for permits and drivers’ licenses.