The Old Dutch Church in uptown Kingston was jammed on New Year’s Eve to hear a choral tribute to the proposition, “We all come from somewhere.”  Members of Ars Choralis chose to offer the proceeds of the concert to benefit UIDN’s work.  In the words of director Barbara Pickhardt, people “came to America from all corners of the globe. Not all were immigrants, some were temporary guest workers, and others, to our shame, were brutally brought here against their will. Together, this combination of people representing world-wide cultures, religions, and races built a unique and vibrant country never before seen – America!”

Thank you, Ars Choralis. At UIDN, we know that building our country is not finished.  At a time when desperate migration has reached record levels worldwide, governments everywhere need to address the conditions that drive people to leave their homes; but they also need to welcome people who seek asylum when those conditions are not addressed.  Frankly, we’re not holding our breath until governments meet their obligations.  Instead, we are building the Ulster Immigrant Defense Network to welcome new friends in our own communities.

Photo courtesy of Ars Choralis