January 1, 2022

Dear UIDN family,

As we begin this New Year and face the many challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, my heart is filled with appreciation and gratitude for the generous and faithful service that we have all given, in so many ways, during this past year, to ease the pain and mitigate the anxiety of so many of our sisters and brothers.

These strangers among us, whom we have been called and privileged to embrace with compassion, are indeed an awesome company who have embarked upon a journey fraught with the greatest adversity, that I would never imagine myself having the courage to begin and much less endure. They represent, in so many ways, the best of the human spirit in our shared quest to live life as free, and as fully, as possible.

Whatever the pain, if it is responded to with love, that pain can only serve to transform rather than deform us. As I survey our UIDN family the evidence of that transformation is everywhere to be seen. Wonderful people have become all that more wonderful as blessings are shared and goodness abounds.

Since we began building it in 2017, UIDN has become a house of love in which all sorts of awesome and light-filled moments have punctuated the darkness with no less brilliance than the fireworks that filled the night skies around the world as the clock struck midnight ushering in 2022.

We don’t know what lies ahead, but we do know that we have each other and that so long as we hold each other in love, we have nothing to fear. Even the pandemic of indifference, vileness and sometimes hatred that is too often directed at our friends can be no match to love.

I wish you and those most dear to you, health, happiness, and a measure of the joy that the world cannot give, and of that peace that is beyond understanding, as we embrace the gift of this new year.

With love,
Father Frank Alagna, president, UIDN

UIDN’s weekly “market.” Photo courtesy of Spectrum News.

Father Frank speaking at a rally.