Stephanie K



Nicholas Abramson, Treasurer

Team lead: Finances, Helpline, and Rapid Response

Nic is a longtime resident of Woodstock. He has been involved in anti-war, peace, and solidarity work since the 1960s, and is a retired tax consultant.

Father Frank Alagna, Co-President

Team lead: Affiliates, Fundraising, and Safe Spaces

Father Frank  is the grandchild of immigrants and has been an Episcopal priest for nearly 50 years. “Advocating and caring for the ‘strangers’ who live among us,”  he says, “is for me both a genetic and biblical imperative.”

Stephanie Kristal, Co-President

Team lead: Case Management and Fundraising

Stephanie has worked in mental health for over 35 years and has a practice in counseling and transpersonal hypnotherapy. She is a community activist and has raised awareness and funds for several nonprofit organizations. 845-750-4438,

Helaine Meisler, Administrative Coordinator

Team lead: Training and Volunteer Recruitment & Coordination

Helaine is an Orton-Gillingham learning specialist, a parent and student advocate, and a former school principal. Her many years of antiwar and human rights activism stems from her connection to the Jewish value ‘Never Again’ and to a deep commitment to peace with justice.

Elana Michelson, Vice President

Team lead: Affiliates, Community Education & Advocacy, and Training

Elana is a retired professor and  the proud descendant of a radical Jewish trade union tradition. Her commitment to UIDN is inspired by family history, by her previous work for educational justice in the U.S. and South Africa, and by her wish to be part of a community that struggles together for a world of justice and equity.

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