Ulster Immigrant Defense Network

Our mission: To provide a network of safety and support to immigrants, regardless of status.

Nuestra misión: Proveer una red de seguridad y apoyo a los inmigrantes, sin importar su estado legal.

Nuestra visión: Una sociedad donde todos son bienvenidos, respetados, y seguros.

Our vision: A society where everyone is welcomed, respected, and safe.

UIDN Coordinators

Nic Abramson, Helpline, Rapid Response, and Transportation & Accompaniment
Father Frank Alagna, Affiliates, Detainee Information, and Safe Spaces
Melanie Baise, Administration
Leslie Gallagher, Household Support
Emma Kreyche, Helpline
Stephanie Kristal, Fundraising
Marjorie Leopold, Schools Outreach & Support
Lisa Lindsley, Rapid Response
Helaine Meisler, Administration and Volunteers
Pastor Erick Mercado, Affiliates and Safe Spaces
Elana Michelson, Community Education and Advocacy
Beth Murphy
Stephanie Nystrom, Affiliates, Financial Support, and Safe Spaces
Jo Salas, Schools Outreach & Support
Madre Filomena Servellon, Translation & Interpretation
Kate Vanbaren, Community Education & Advocacy