Our mission: To provide a network of safety and support to immigrants, regardless of status.

Nuestra misión: Proveer una red de seguridad y apoyo a los inmigrantes, sin importar su estado legal.

Nuestra visión: Una sociedad donde todos son bienvenidos, respetados, y seguros.

Our vision: A society where everyone is welcomed, respected, and safe.

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UIDN Officers & Coordinators

Co-Presidents: Father Frank Alagna & Stephanie Kristal

Vice President: Elana Michelson

Treasurer: Nic Abramson

Administrative Coordinator: Helaine Meisler

Committee Coordinators

Nic Abramson, Helpline and Rapid Response
Father Frank Alagna, Affiliates, Fundraising, and Safe Spaces
Melanie Baise, Legal Support
Debi Duke, Website & Social Media
Leslie Gallagher & Kim Touchette, Household Support
Bob Gelbach, Newsletter and Volunteers
Patty Grossman & Chaia Lehrer, Rent & Utilities Assistance
Sara Henderson, Legal Support and Transportation & Accompaniment

Suzanne Holt, Helpline
Stephanie Kristal, Case Management and Fundraising
Marjorie Leopold, Schools Outreach & Support
Elana Michelson, Affiliates and Community Education & Advocacy
Stephanie Nystrom, Safe Spaces
Jo Salas, Schools Outreach & Support and Website & Social Media
Madre Filomena Servellon, Translation & Interpretation
Kate Vanbaren, Community Education & Advocacy