Just before the pandemic hit, New York’s Green Light legislation made many more immigrants eligible to apply for drivers’ licenses and learners’ permits. Green Light NY,  Worker Justice Center New York (WJCNY), and Ulster Immigrant Defense Network have created a five-part virtual workshop and a study guide to help people prepare for the  written test.

All five videos are available in Spanish on the WJCNY website and YouTube. The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) website also explains how to apply for a license. The site is available in many languages including Spanish and English. For additional help contact Elana Michelson at 845-658-9838 or michelsonelana@gmail.com.

Plus, study materials

The New York State Dept. of Motor Vehicles has a 77-page driver’s manual in Spanish and English to help applicants prepare for the test. The videos can help people understand the manual, but applicants still need to refer to the manual itself. Just reading the manual is not always the best way to learn the material so this study guide explains how to use the manual to study more effectively. 

Flashcards for reviewing questions that may be on the test are also available. One side of a sheet of paper has questions and the other side has answers. Applicants can review them over and over until they are sure they know the correct answers, putting aside those they know, and continuing to review the ones they still need to practice.

Driving video promo

The best way to use flashcards is to print the pages given here, cut them so that only one question appears on each one, and then fold them so only the question on one side and the answer on the other. This is a very useful way to study and it is worth the effort to figure out how to print them. Here are three sets of flashcards: Traffic signs, Study guide practice questions, and Practice exam for learner’s permit.