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As of December 16, 2019, due to the success of the Green Light NY campaign, immigrants, regardless of immigration status, are now able to obtain NYS drivers’ licenses.

HOW YOU CAN HELP  UIDN currently has volunteers assisting in various steps toward getting a driver license.  We are conducting regular training sessions to prepare volunteers for some of these tasks.



  • Help our immigrant friends identify the needed documents to fulfill the DMV’s point system and fill out the application form,  This requires:
    • A grasp of the required documents that, taken together, fulfill the point requirements and prove the applicant’s name, age, and residency in NYS
    • Familiarity with the application form
    • Awareness of “red flags” that may endanger the applicant and that require the attention of an experienced attorney
    • Flexibility, communication skills, respect, and the willingness to say “I don’t know” rather than risk someone’s safety.
  • Help our immigrant friends study for the written learner permit exam. This requires:
    • Knowledge of NYS driving laws and practices (i.e., learning what is in the Driver’s Manual)
    • Ability to impart test-taking skills for a multiple-choice test
    • Patience and tutoring skills
  • Accompany our immigrant friends to the DMV to show their documents, submit their application, and take the written test for a learner permit.  This requires:
    • Free time during the hours in which the DMV is open
    • Patience with bureaucratic hurdles and possible long lines
  • Drive or accompany our immigrant friends to their driving test and wait to drive them back home. This requires:
    • A valid driver’s license

Note: Volunteers are not expected to provide their own car.

For more information or to volunteer, contact Elana Michelson: 845-658-9838;

DRIVER’S LICENSE ADVISORS: Access needed materials here.