Community Education & Advocacy Team

  • Organizes and joins with others to coordinate campaigns, events, and training.
  • Tracks local, state, and federal actions, encouraging elected officials to take pro-immigrant positions.
  • Follows local media and promotes positive coverage of immigrant communities and issues.
  • Arranges speakers for community groups, congregations, and house meetings.

For details, follow UIDN on Facebook and Twitter and/or visit UIDN’s news page. To join this team or get more details, contact Elana Michelson, or 845-658-9838.

NYS Legislative Committee Forming

For the first time in years, both the New York State Assembly and Senate have Democratic majorities. As a result, UIDN had the opportunity to help pass legislation supporting the rights and well-being of our immigrant friends and neighbors.

The Green Light Bill restored the right of immigrants to apply for drivers’ licenses and protected access to courts without fear of federal immigration agents. Additional legislation ensures farmworkers fair pay, health and safety protections, and the right to organize.

This committee needs people with a passion for justice and experience with political organizing, advocacy, lobbying, and legislation. To learn more or to volunteer, contact or, 845-658-9838.