January 5, 2021

UIDN’s Father Frank Alagna spoke with Ulster County Sheriff Juan Figueroa and his attorney. He reports that the sheriff will not support eviction or the threat of eviction.

The eviction moratorium covers all tenants until at least May. Tenants who have been resident for at least one month are protected — with lease or without lease, with papers or without papers, documented or undocumented.

At least until May landlords may not legally evict tenants without a court order. If they attempt to do so they will face misdemeanor charges. Court orders are extremely difficult to secure at this time; a landlord must show severe covid-related financial hardship. This applies to owners of newly acquired property as well as longtime owners.

Please note: Only the sheriff’s department evicts. The city, including police and building departments, have no authority to evict unless a building has been condemned for safety reasons.

If you are threatened with eviction and need help, please call the UIDN helpline, 888-726-7276, or email uidn@ulsterimmigrantdefensenetwork.org.

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Visit the website of the Ulster County Coalition for Housing Justice. More reading and resources here.

From Documented: Extended Rent Relief for New York Tenants and Immigrants, Jan. 7, 2021. “New York State extended its Rent Relief Program because the original requirements were too narrow. Now more people can get the benefit.”

Ulster County Sheriiff Juan Figueroa

Sheriff Figueroa