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Key points

  • Vaccines should be given without charge even if you don’t have insurance.
  • Immigration status does NOT affect the right to a vaccine.
  • Personal information will not be shared with ICE or other agencies.

Are you eligible for a vaccine?

Use the NYS Dept. of Health online tool, in English or Spanish, to see if you are eligible; if you are it will show you where you can make an appointment to get the vaccine. Or, call the vaccination hotline, 833-697-4829.

What groups can get the vaccine now?

The NYS Dept. of Health posts updates here. As of early February the following are eligible:

  • A wide variety of health care workers
  • Residents & staff at nursing homes and other group care facilities
  • Many teachers and other education workers
  • First responders
  • Public safety workers such as fire fighters and police
  • Grocery, bodega, and restaurant staff including delivery people
  • Public transit workers
  • People 65 and older

Beginning February 15, adults of any age with certain health conditions will be eligible. Conditions include but are not limited to cancer, sickle cell, obesity; liver, heart, lung, and kidney disease; intellectual and developmental disabilities, weakened immune system, diabetes, and pregnancy.

The NYS Dept. of Health has posted answers to frequently asked questions about the vaccine. Here in English and here in Spanish. The Spanish version is 3-pages and can be downloaded and printed.

Information for Ulster County

Check the county’s Covid-19 Vaccination Resource Center (English and Spanish) for available appointments at  the Kate Walton Field House on the Kingston High School campus and Ellenville High School.

The website includes a link to a notification form; if you complete it, you will receive updates about vaccine availability, your eligibility, and how to schedule an appointment for vaccination. There is also a fact sheet available in English and Spanish.

As of January 13, Ellenville Regional Hospital has exhausted its allocation of  vaccines and recommends signing up with the Vaccination Resource Center above.