The Migration Policy Institute has a wide range for reports, fact sheets, policy briefs, and more. Here are just a few:

Model Campus Safe Zones Resolution Language for K–12 and Colleges and Universities (2016, 6 pp each) from ACLU of California, Advancement Project, Asian Americans Advancing Justice, National Immigration Law Center; and Services, Immigrant Rights, and Education Network.

Sanctuary in Colleges and Sanctuary in Schools (American Friends Service Committee) includes printable posters to display, links to additional resources, sample resolutions, and more.

Sample publications from the Immigrant Legal Resource Center (ILRC):

  • Family Preparedness Plan (2017, 14 pp, download in Spanish, Chinese, and English) instructions and forms for creating plans for children’s care in case of deportation or raids.
  • Help for Immigrant Families: Guidance for Schools (2017, 4 pp, English only) tips on for reassuring children and families, share resources and information, ensure that school policies don’t make students vulnerable, and encourage families to learn about options and rights, including preparing for unfavorable immigration actions.
  • Protecting Immigrant Youth Fact Sheet (ILRC and National Juvenile Justice Network, 2018, 2 pp, Spanish and English) describes ways schools and communities can improve policies to help protect immigrant youth.

George Hernandez, 2005-08-25., CC BY-SA 3.0

Paying for college

TheDream.US offers scholarships to motivated and resilient DACA recipients who want to earn a college degree and make a difference.

New York students are eligible for the National Scholarship Award. It covers tuition and fees up to set limits for associate’s or bachelor’s degrees, at 75 Partner Colleges.

High achieving DACA, TPS and undocumented students including recent high school graduates, currently enrolled undergraduates, and transfer students (community college or 4-year college) are eligble for Golden Door Scholarships.

Rally sign: permanent protection for dreamers.