Salvadoran mother is refused release

From Worker Justice Center of NY on July 16:

Many in our community have been following Blanca and Abel’s story with great concern and outrage. We wish we could bring you better news, but due to new rules imposed by Jeff Sessions, Blanca was denied release from ICE custody at her bond hearing today. This decision will prolong her separation from Abel, despite a finding by USCIS that Blanca has a credible fear of persecution should she and Abel return to their home country of El Salvador. Attorneys at the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project have indicated that they will appeal the bond denial and keep fighting for Blanca and Abel’s reunification. 

While Blanca is held in Tacoma, WA, her 8-year-old son Abel is in Kingston, NY.

In this file self portrait taken in Mexico in May 2018, Blanca Orantes-Lopez poses for a photo with her 8-year-old son, Abel Alexander, during the monthlong journey from their hometown of Puerto La Libertad, El Salvador, to the United States-Mexico border.



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