Letter from Father Frank: Saugerties family needs your help

Dear Friends,

The Ulster Immigrant Defense Network is lending its support to a fundraising effort that is being undertaken on behalf of one of our Ulster County neighbors.  Bhavesh “Bobby” Bhatt is a Saugerties business owner facing deportation and final separation from his wife and infant son.  He was detained by Immigration officials on January 31 when he appeared at the ICE offices in NYC for a routine check-in.

At the next custody hearing for Bobby, his lawyer will ask that he be released on bail, pending a final determination in his application to achieve legal status on the grounds of his marriage to a U.S. citizen.  Bobby’s wife Jeanne is trying to raise the money for his bond, which will likely be up to $25,000.  This will allow him to leave the detention center in New Jersey where he is being held, and return to his family.

As a supporter of UIDN, we invite you to support this urgent appeal.  Donations toward Bobby’s release can be made directly to his wife through GoFundMe.   Or you can send a tax-deductible contribution to Holy Cross Church, 30Pine Grove Avenue, Kingston, NY 12401, noting “UIDN-Bobby”, in the memo.

For more information about Bobby and his situation please see this recent article which has appeared in area papers.

Bobby and his wife Jeanne own the Glasco Deli. Last fall they welcomed a new baby boy into their family. Bobby is a familiar face to Saugerties residents having spent years working in local delis and gas stations before saving enough to buy his own business. For years Bobby has been a joyful and helpful presence to his neighbors, many of whom count him as a dear friend.

Jeanne has taken a leave from her job to cover the deli in Bobby’s absence, and is also caring for their child, who is being monitored for serious medical issues.  Their lives and financial situation have been thrown into chaos.

We do hope that you will be able to support the fundraising effort to obtain Bobby’s release.

UIDN is in contact with elected officials about Bhatt’s case and we ask that you also add your name to a petition being circulated on Bobby’s behalf to show support for his efforts to remain in our community.

As always with the deepest appreciation and gratitude for your continuing support in these difficult times, I remain,


Father Frank Alagna

on behalf of the UIDN  Coordinating Committee

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