Helping with transport and accompaniment

The UIDN’s transportation and accompaniment volunteers help immigrant community members get where they need to go, and offer support during court dates, lawyer appointments, and so on. (See the recent post about a visit to immigration court in Manhattan.)

If you’re interested in offering this kind of support please come to a training and orientation session on Wednesday, August 30, from 6:30-8:00 pm in the Parish Hall of Holy Cross/Santa Cruz Church, 30 Pine Grove Avenue in Kingston. It’s helpful but not necessary to be a Spanish-speaker.

Geri Brodsky, one of the coordinators, says:

“Transportation and accompaniment are the most frequently requested services from the community. We get requests to escort people to courts, attorneys, detention centers, prisons, for moral support and often where no other means of transportation is available. Destinations might be in New York City, Albany, Goshen or Kingston.”

Volunteers respect the privacy and confidentiality of the community members. They don’t engage in the actual encounter, nor make any inquiries concerning the mission.

If you’d like to attend this important training, or to learn more, please contact Geri Brodsky,, or Alice Spears,





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