UIDN Training for Ulster Immigrant Helpline Volunteers

The Ulster Immigrant Defense Network (UIDN) will be holding a training and orientation event on Monday July 31st for volunteers who will take calls on the soon to be launched UIDN toll free Helpline for immigrants in Ulster County.

Immigration Arrests

If you are fluently bilingual in English and Spanish and would like to volunteer to be a responder on the Helpline, please fill out and submit the volunteer registration form on the UIDN website and send an email with “Helpline training” in the subject line to ulsteridn@gmail.com and you will be invited to, and updated about the training.

The schedule for volunteer helpline operators is very flexible and your participation will be from any location on your personal phone.

The UIDN toll free helpline for immigrants will provide the following assistance to immigrant communities in Ulster County:

  • Coordination with our UIDN volunteers providing logistical support in the form of transportation, accompaniment to ICE check-ins, and court appearances.
  • Coordination of Rapid volunteer response to local immigration enforcement activity.
  • Requests for financial assistance from the Ulster Immigrant Defense Fund. Financial aid will be available to help pay for legal defense and for material assistance to families affected by deportations.
  • Referrals to other organizations providing services.




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